Verification of the seasonal outlook

summer 2022

  • The absolute daily maximum of Tmean, for  summer 2022 with respect of the 1961-2021 climatology, were broken in June 2nd, 4th, 5th, 28 th, July 1st, 23rd and August 18th.
  • 4th hottest summer; Tmean departures ranged from plus 2-3 ( over 0,95th Percentille) for the most of the RS stations; Jun up to 4,7  for southern region
  • According toTmean air temperature, most summer days of 2022 were in the category much to extremely above normal values.
  • The lack of JJA rainfall total, averaged over the Republic of Srpska teriitory, was -40% for Jun and July; the real drought was worse than SPI showed, due to ‎the heat and wind, which additionally dried up the soil. ‎
  • SPI-7 (january-july) 3rd lowest since 1950 


Summer 2022 over the Serb Republic – Bosnia and Herzegovina


Датотека Објашњење Величина датотеке Преузимање
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