Републички хидрометеоролошки завод

 The Republika Srpska registered warm air thermal conditions and wery wet to extremely wet conditions over the most stations with acumulated snow cover greater than normal;

 The last winter season has been 11th warmest over the period 1952-2018 (7th warmest for the 1981-2018)
 Temperature, daily max, reached the first lowest value from 1961 (Bijeljina, Banja Luka, Doboj, Sokolac...) on several days from 25-28 feb.
 Lowest daily maximums Тxn were exceeded on 26-28 february

 Precipitation total reached 10th highest over the Southern and 5th max value over the rest in 137 years long data series.
 Snow depth on the end February days reached 2-3 highest value in the north-western part (Krupa na Uni, 96cm).

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